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Personal Trainer Mission Statement


My goal is to provide you with the information, coaching, practice, and support you need to live to 100 years old with minimal illness, injury, and stress and maximal happiness!

“I will not sacrifice your long term health for short term results. I am committed to your health and fitness for the rest of your life. Now that’s a LIFETIME WARRANTY everyone needs!”

I'm a Certified Personal Trainer but I have obtained Advanced Nutrition Certification because I know that my clients need to pair a healthy diet with their workouts in order to LIVE LONGER, HEALTHIER, AND HAPPIER. When you combine my Bachelor's Degree in Health and Fitness with my Personal Trainer Certification and Advanced Nutrition Certification you get a holistic approach that focuses on your short term and long term health and fitness. I’m not just a personal trainer giving you a workout. 

I have  a  private gym in Louisville KY with 600 square feet to train as many as 12 clients at once or as little as 1 client. My Private Gym is designed with all your goals in mind. But I am also a mobile personal trainer with a Mobile Gym in my large  cargo van to bring all the equipment you'd need to burn fat and build muscle.

I have all my clients tell me their goals and expectations that they have with me. Most clients give me a goal weight and other short term goals, but I want all my clients to set a long term goal to live to 100! Sounds crazy but even with bad family history of disease, studies show that you can still live to 100 years old if you follow the right diet, workout program, and other healthy lifestyle choices. 

Just because you reach a short term weight goal doesn’t ensure that you’ll live longer healthier and happier. There are plenty of fad diets out there and if you can stand their side effects then you can get quick weight loss but the long term risk of illness and disease, like colon cancer, aren’t worth the risk. And studies prove that the majority of people that lose weight with a fad diet gain all of that weight back and more. I know you’ve heard about the Biggest Loser TV show but have you ever heard about how many contestants gain their weight back? That’s because that show along with mainstream personal training and nutritionists focus on short term results not long term results. I will not sacrifice your long term health for short term results. I am committed to your health and fitness for the rest of your life. Now that’s a lifetime warranty everyone needs!

My Mottos

"Do try this at home."

"Bring home the workout."

"There's no gym like home."

"Home is where the workout is."

"This time it's Personal... Training."

"Up close and Personal... Training.

Personal Trainer with Private Gym Louisville KY

Me with my Wife and Daughter

Personal Trainer Partners

Personal Trainer Certification


The goal at ASFA® is to provide quality testing, certifications and educational materials for fitness professionals. ASFA® certifications have assisted thousands of fitness professionals by enhancing their careers through continuing education and I'm proud to be their partner.